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FULL VOICE Level Three


The FULL VOICE Workbook - Level Three is for students who have completed Level Two and introduces Sight Singing in D Major, minor scales and much more!
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FULL VOICE Level Three

FULL VOICE WORKBOOK - Level Three is for singers who have completed Level Two or for students with previous music experience who are confident counting dotted quarter notes, singing and identifying intervals, and sight singing in F Major and G Major.

The FULL VOICE Workbook - Level Three introduces sight singing in D Major. There are many different types of activities that encourage young students to build their confidence and their musical skills in private or classroom lessons.

    This 56 page workbook (8.5 X 11 in.) includes:
    • Twenty (2 page) Lessons - Plus 4 Unit Reviews
    • Theory Introduction - Sixteenth notes and eighth note groupings
    • Tonic Sol-Fa (moveable Do) System - Singing minor scales
    • Sight Singing - Technical exercises

    • The FULL VOICE Workbook Series, researched and developed by Nikki Loney and Mim Adams, includes Technical Exercises & Warm-Ups, Music Theory and Writing Activities, Ear Training & Rhythm Reading Exercises, Sight Singing, Performance Assessments and MORE!
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