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Peculiar Pets Piano Solos


Peculiar Pets - 20 Elementary Piano Solos to Imagine, Create and Explore, including Scales, Guide, Chart, Dictionary and Composing Staff Paper. You'll love it!
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Peculiar Pets Piano Solos

Peculiar Pets is a Collection of 20 Elementary Piano Solos by Canadian Composer Julianne Warkentin-Dick.

Imagine, Create and Explore - Each Peculiar Pet brings a new adventure in sound with variations in tempo, articulation, dynamics, style, Key Signature and Time Signature. Plus, Music Theory concepts are included as an added BONUS!

Exclusive Peculiar Piano Solo Series design features:
  • PECULIAR PETS - Each original piano piece reflects a new adventure.
  • GUIDE - Definitions of all types of scales used in the piano pieces.
  • CHART - Circle of Fifths and Simple, Compound & Hybrid Time Signatures.
  • DICTIONARY - Musical Terms, Signs & Definitions and More!
  • UNIQUE - Play and Explore the sound of the scale at the bottom of each piece.
  • BONUS - Staff paper and composing instructions for your own Peculiar Pet!
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