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Complete Music Theory Online Course


Complete Music Theory Online Course includes: 24 Step-by-Step Video Sessions and Online Support with Exam Marking & Certificate! Learn at your own tempo.
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Complete Music Theory Online Course

The Complete Music Theory Online Course - Just What You've Been Looking For!
Learn at your own tempo with 24 Step-by-Step video sessions that guide you through all 256 pages of the Ultimate Music Theory Complete Rudiments Workbook. (Digital Copy Included).

BONUS - Online Learning Support including marking your CMT Course Midterm Exam & Final Exam.
  • MASTER SKILLS - Build knowledge in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced!
  • LEARN FASTER - HEAR what you SEE and SEE what you HEAR!
  • DISCOVER - Elements of music in melody, harmony, rhythm and more!
  • APPLICATION - Detailed instruction to implement music theory knowledge!
  • CERTIFICATE - Presented upon successful completion of the CMT Online Course!
Complete Music Theory Course - From college students who want to learn the Music Theory now - and need it fast - to teachers looking for a refresher course to add new techniques into your teaching, to musicians that finally want to know more about "speaking the universal language of music", this is the ULTIMATE Complete Music Theory Online Course that has it all!

Understanding Music Theory will open doors to a greater appreciation of music; an understanding of interpretation, improvisation and composition; and will bring you more joy in sharing and experiencing the universal language of music.

Sessions and Homework - At the end of each of the 24 video sessions, homework is assigned. Complete your homework in this self-study course and check your work with the answer pages. All downloadable worksheets and answer pages are included in each session.

Midterm Exam - After video session 12, you will complete the Midterm Exam and submit it for marking. We are here to support your learning and happy to answer any questions you may have.

Final Exam - Once you have finished all 24 video sessions of the Complete Music Theory Course, you are ready to take the Advanced Rudiments Music Theory Exam.

Congratulations! Upon successful completetion of the written Advanced Music Theory Exam (with a pass of 80% - First Class Honours), you will be emailed your Ultimate Music Theory - Complete Music Theory Course Certificate!

The Complete Music Theory Course Value is Over $1200! A Music Theory Course that includes Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Music Theory Rudiments can easily cost you OVER $1200 (24 lessons @ $50 = $1200.00) - Imagine getting all this for only $299.97!

Enroll Today - Your Complete Music Theory Online Course is ONLY $299.97!

Complete Music Theory Course - The Way to Score Success!

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