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Complete Theory Workbook


Complete Music Theory Workbook includes UMT Guide & Chart, 12 Step-by-Step Lessons, Plus 12 Review Tests to Dramatically Increase Retention!
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Complete Theory Workbook

The Complete Music Theory Workbook includes all concepts from Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Music Theory levels and prepares students for college and theory exams.
The Complete Music Theory Workbook is an impressive coil bound (256 pages), 9 X 12 workbook with 12 Lessons, Review Tests, Guide & Chart plus 80 Downloadable Flashcards.
The Complete Music Theory Workbook features these concepts and more!

  • PITCH - Musical Notation - Clefs, Notes and Rests
  • SCALES - Major, minor, Modes, Enharmonic and 20th Century
  • CHORDS - Major, minor, Aug, dim, Dominant 7th and diminished 7th
  • RHYTHM - Simple Time, Compound Time and Hybrid Time
  • INTERVALS - Simple, Compound and Inversions
  • CIRCLE OF FIFTHS - Key Signatures (up to 7 sharps and 7 flats)
  • TRANSPOSING - Major keys, minor keys, Concert Pitch and Scores
  • CADENCES - Writing and Identifying Perfect, Plagal and Imperfect
  • ANALYSIS - Musical Terms, Symbols and Signs
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