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UMT Party Pack


UMT Party Pack Special - Ultimate Music Theory Games, Whiteboard Kit and So-La & Ti-Do Stuffies Pack.
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UMT Party Pack

UMT Party Pack - It's Time for Ultimate Music Theory Games! Learn Through Play!

Party Pack includes:
  • Prep Game Pack (6 Laminated Games, Guide & Chart)
  • Basic Game Pack (6 Laminated Games, Guide & Chart)
  • So-La & Ti-Do Stuffies Pack (one of each, So-La & Ti-Do plus So-La & Ti-Do Song, sticker samples, Guide & Chart)
  • Small Whiteboard (marker & eraser) - Exclusive design with Keyboard, Staff Lines & Circle, (two-sided whiteboard) blank on the back for creativity (drawing musical terms and signs, composition and more!)
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